Sunday, July 29, 2012


Sarbanes Foxy & I at the half time of the men's derby bout. I was doing the outside white board for the men's bout. Hey, when folks put on a great double header bout for you to participate in, you volunteer where ever necessary!

Dead Leigh Dexter & I  and way back there not in focus is L'Diablo. 

StarrKazim & I. There were quite a few ladies from Bradentucky at this bout. It was great seeing them & skating with them!

During the men's bout... WAAAAAAAAAY back in the back is me manning the white boards. NSO baby!

The end of bout shot. We (the black team) won 108-105.

Walling up to hold the white team's jammer.  Saturday night was awesome! 

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Megan said...

Yay! Well done!