Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Open Letter To Travelodge.

Dear Travelodge,

My family has stayed with your company's lodgings for quite some time... many years in fact. We mostly stay at your Kissimmee FL location, also known as Eastgate Orange located at 5399 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy. On our most recent stay, my husband was informed at check in that we would be getting one of the "recently renovated" rooms. Once inside, we oohed and aahed over the new furniture, the updated decor, and the nicer linens. It looked very classy! I said to my husband, "Oh look in the bathroom & see what they did there."

That's where the oohs and aahs stopped abruptly.

Lovely mildew on the ceiling by the light!

Bad pic, but those black dots are mold on the walls.

Another bad pic, but that's the paint peeling off the ceiling above the shower.

Here's a great shot of the mold AND the peeling paint! 

So, you see our disappointment right?? It looked like considerable time, effort, and money was put into this so called "remodel" but why stop before you get to a VERY IMPORTANT part of the hotel room experience?? And what the hell is wrong with your cleaning staff that they don't look UP when cleaning the bathrooms?!? That black stuff up there isn't part of the new room makeover!

So, in conclusion, I'd just like to say that we still stayed in your lovely little hotel. I wasn't about to go searching for a new place at 7pm, and I know for a fact you were booked up for the night so we didn't ask to be moved either. What really bugs me is you're willing to pimping out your guest rooms with 5 star furniture, but you're not willing to go all the way and do the bathroom as well. Something like a moldy, peeling bathroom will make even a 5 star resort look like the local No Tell Motel, no matter how great the living space looks. You went 75% when you should have gone 100%, and it's things like that that will always relegate you into the low start category of the travel sites. Come on. Step it up. Go that last 25%.

Your Long Time Customer,


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