Saturday, June 30, 2012

What's New?

Meet Nemo. This little guy came to us through one of the roller girls. She had rescued Nemo from a pound where he had been hit by a car, then endured several painful operations from a bad vet who Frankensteined his pelvis & leg back together in a horrible conglomeration that didn't help him heal at all. Eventually, my friend had to have Nemo's rear leg removed because it never healed. 

This guy is sooooooo laid back. He doesn't give crap one what's going on around him. He'll just snuggle up on your lap and ask you to pet him all day. Our yorkie, Gobo, is adjusting to another dog being in the house and Fluffy is all meh about it, but the kids are just wild about Nemo! 

And from the looks of things, Nemo is wild about us!

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