Friday, June 8, 2012

Old Lady Still Has It!

It's no secret I'm turning 40 next month. 40... that mile stone where folks start buying you the gag gifts in Spencer's that say "Over the Hill" with buzzards on them. Yeah... the big four oh. That age where your husband might decide to trade you in for two twentys.... the funny goes on and on. Then at derby practice on Thursday night we did endurance drills.

Endurance drills encompass sprinting, push ups, sit ups, crunching, turn stops, more sprinting, etc... all those skills you need when skating. Ours went something like this...

  1. Toestop takeoff into a sprint.
  2. Stop & do 10 leg lifts.
  3. Jump up and sprint.
  4. Stop & do 10 push ups.
  5. Jump up and sprint.
  6. Stop & do 10 crunches.
  7. Jump up and sprint.
  8. Turnstop at the back wall & sprint home.
Whew! I get tired just thinking about it. We did it as a race. Half of us on one side, half on the other. I blew everyone out of the water!!! I didn't believe it till we took water and did the race again and I was fastest again!!! Good lord! 

I guess this old gal still has some ups then!!

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