Saturday, June 2, 2012


You don't take my husband to go do a myriad of tests, deposit him back in his room for the next 5+ hours, and expect me to not get pissed off because no one has come to tell us what the results were! You especially don't get to tell me not to be unhappy when the results have been in for the last 4+ hours, but the Doctor left work early for the weekend so no one is around to explain the results to us. Yes, I will be angry. No I will not calm down until you find me someone who will explain what the fuck is going on with my husband's brain! Milking our insurance may be ok for you and your cohorts, after all you have that brand spankin' new hospital to pay for, but he will not be comfortable until I can get him home, so SOMEONE better get their ass in gear and get him diagnosed, medicated, & discharged ASAP! 
I shit you not when I say bullshit will not be tolerated. I don't give a damn if you did go to college for a gazillion years longer than I did. When you leave good folks hanging in the wind after seeing their loved ones almost perish in front of them, you will be treated like the asshat you are till proven otherwise. 
Now.... GET TO WORK!