Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Disaster Makes People STUPID!

Don't believe me? Well here....

  • There are high flood waters in your neighborhood. What should you do? Well, what you shouldn't do is GO WALKING IN THE WATER!! Hello? Dumbass? If you can't see through the water, stay the hell out of it! There could be puncture hazards, tripping hazards, debris, vermin, etc in there that you can't see and CAN HURT YOU! 
  • When flood waters rise, they rise everywhere, and that goes for below ground too. Storm water & sewer systems most times try to handle the excess water, but more often than not, the sudden rush of water blows the cover off the manholes and you can't see that when you're wading through the murky depths. One false step, and you can be sucked down that same hole to drown. 
  • Also.... THE SEWER IS BACKED UP!! How the fuck do people not realize this??? That brown water that you're letting your child frolic in? IT'S BROWN FOR A REASON!!! OMG how gross is it that your kid or even you just splashed in your mouth water that you might possibly have flushed in your toilet the night before. Bacteria, germs, feces... just keep on splashing, just don't touch me, K?
  • Cars & water don't mix. Don't believe me? Just ask any tow truck driver that has worked in the last two days. I have seen them steadily parading by with cars, trucks, & motorcycles that tried to ford the waters and didn't make it. Also, if you do have a vehicle that can make it to the other side of the Red Sea, PLEASE SLOW DOWN. If the whole neighborhood is already flooded to the point that water is inches from the front door, speeding you truck with super swamper tires down the street making a wake that causes tidal waves isn't cool. It makes me stabby for people who are poises to lose everything.
  • Fishtailing in the closed intersection in front of the cops is just stupid, no matter what circumstances this maneuver is performed under. Period. 

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