Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who Am I??

So, if you haven't heard by now, I am planning a huge birthday bash for July 7th at Disney's Blizzard Beach water park. My husband, HHH, had been asking me & asking me what I wanted to mark my turning the big 4-0 and for the life of me, I couldn't think of a damn thing!

I know, right?!?

In the past I have asked for jewelry, designer purses, appliances, electronics, etc..... but this year, something feels different. I feel different. I can't put my finger on it, but I really only wanted one thing, to be with people I like and party down!!

Sounds simple, right? Heck, I'm even willing to shell out for 10 tix for folks who can't afford it! Granted ya gotta buy your own grub at the park because they won't let me bring in a big ass picnic,(Said I had to pay for THEM to cater it but I thought it'd be rude to ask people to pay to come to my party! About now I have 20+ friends & family coming! I am so freakin' excited! Eldest has said I need to go to the mall & get a pimp cup and a tiara to wear at the water park! She & my other two are so excited! I have to admit, I'm excited too. Last year I was a mopey mess, but not this time. I had a friend (Poppy) tell me if I want folks to pay attention to me on my birthday, shout it from the mountain top that it is my birthday! So I am. 

Then I got to thinking again... (Yes, I know. Scary isn't it?), I don't want people to bring gifts. Really, the fact that they'd drive to Orlando to be with me is awesomesauce enough, but I felt I needed to say something so it wasn't up in the air. So then I got to thinking again, (SUPER scary!!), and I came up with asking folks to kick a couple of $$ to the JDRF in lieu of a gift! What with Mo & Jr. being diabetic, it's a cause that's near and dear to me.

I asked on Twitter & FB "Who is this person I have become, and why did it take 40 years for her to get here?" and I really mean it. The materialism seems to have fallen away. I want to experience things with the people I love rather than collect crap in a closet. I want to feel like I have connections with folks I care about. I wanna drink a margarita then ride down a huge ass waterslide, laughing with friends the whole way down! 

So, dear readers, on July 7th if you'd like to come to a swinging good time, I'll be at Disney's Blizzard Beach. We rented the patch of umbrellas right on the wave pool, just down the boardwalk from the Polar Pub! I'm out of tickets, but come anyway if you can! Ride the slides with me as I tell 40 to kiss my butt!

Be there or be square babies!


Megan said...

We get a bit wiser as we get older and figure out what our priorities are.

This past Christmas I opted to give the money Mitch would have spent on a gift for me to charity. Very satisfying.

Poppy said...

I hope you have a great celebration of your 40th birthday, you deserve it. I will be stuck in NYC slaving away at work. :)