Friday, May 25, 2012

What Fresh Hell Is This?

I have one word of advice to parents right now.


Seriously. We are in big fucking trouble if what I saw this morning is the best our generation can produce. Let me explain. I was walking Jr to the bus stop. Yes he's old enough to go by himself, but he asks if I'll walk with him and so long as he'd like his mom to chat with, I'm gonna go. Anywho, as we round the last building to head to the stop we heard a screaming, hollering cacophony of kids. They were running everywhere! In the road, in the complex driveway, through the bushes & landscaping.... it was ridiculous! I get to the sidewalk where the kids are supposed to wait and they are still going apeshit crazy! Turns out one of the older boys had apparently reached down his crotch to scratch his balls & was now chasing everyone threatening to rub his nutcheesed hand on them. I'd had enough. 

"Excuse me! This is not how young ladies & gentlemen act. You do NOT run around screaming. You do NOT destroy landscaping by stomping on it. You do NOT act like you're unwashed heathens who do not know better. What if you had run in front of a car? What if someone had tripped and broke a bone? Today is field day at your school, and it would suck if you were at the ER getting stitched up or cast instead of having fun with your friends. The path to becoming a participating, productive member of society starts here my friends, by acting like the young ladies & gentlemen you know you are." 

Yeah, they listened and had 100 different excuses for why they were doing what they were doing. I looked down at my son and thanked heaven above that I took the time to teach him and my daughters how to act like ladies & gentlemen in public. My children say please & thank you to servers in restaurants. They hold doors open for folks. They help others with packages, chores, etc.... I had to take the time to teach them these things. As their parent, I felt these skills were needed for them to function in society. I am confident that when they make their own way in the world, they will have no trouble fitting in, yet being individuals in their own right, but the point is I HAD TO TAKE THE TIME TO TEACH MY KIDS NOT TO BE ASSHOLES!

Parents aren't doing this today. They are expecting everyone else to do it for them, then setting the worst examples ever. You're kids see you stiffing the waitress at the diner after you were a complete jerk to her. Your kids see you rip open that box in the store to see the merch inside, then put it back to take an unopened one, leaving the damaged box behind. Your kids see you snatch the food from the drive thru workers hand without so much as a thanks. This is the normal example today. Don't do this. Don't let your kids become tomorrow's douchebag jerks.

Remember, you're gonna get older and then what's going to happen when those same douchebag jerks are in charge of your well being & putting you in a home?

Yeah... think about THAT!

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Vicky Ortiz said...

Completely agree. So many kids today are total shits. and its the parent's fault. They expect the school to teach them everything and that's not how it works.

Good for you for teaching your kids the polite way!