Wednesday, May 9, 2012


  • I'm running out of gas after taking care of all my sickie family members. Thought I could clean up today since all the kids went to school & HHH went to work, but now I feel like a truck hit me. 
  • Today I dust mopped & wet mopped all the floors, cleaned up the kitchen, and finally put the boxes we brought home from storage into the hall closet. It was tight, but I made it all work. 
  • I may actually be getting sicker right now. I just haven't had a moment to sit down and mull that last fact over. I'm worried if I stop, I may fall apart. We can't have that happen. I'm the family glue!
  • HHH downloaded "Man or Muppet" for me tonight on his iPad. I squeed loudly!
  • HHH is still coughing up a storm. I curse who ever it was that gave my son this pestilence to bring to us. I hope they step on a lego in the dark while trying to find the bathroom!
  • Next week Imma get mah hairs did. I did a consult with the hairdresser here at the property (Did I mention there is a beauty salon ON SITE!??!) She's going to do away with my roots, bleach me blonde all over, then add in wispy purple & acid green highlights. Yay!
  • Cleaning 5 rooms tires me out, yo.
  • Now I'm all loopy from my cold meds, so I bid you adeiu.

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