Sunday, May 27, 2012


  • I'm so tired. Ever since I started getting better HHH has been getting worse. They prescribed him a Z-Pak at the local ER for his symptoms at first, but then he started having severe side effects from it, like, hives all over and diarrhea! We went back to the ER yesterday to try and tell them about that & the fact that he still isn't better and they just prescribed him more antibiotics without doing any other tests. Sigh.... he has to get better. I'm running out of steam and I'm not completely well myself.
  • Plans for my birthday are going well. I still have 1 free ticket left. Can Not wait.
  • With Eldest breaking her wrist again, we are gonna have a great start to summer, NOT! She will have to be cast again and if she wants to go swimming I'll have to get those plastic covers. Sigh....
  • I'm so desperately tired.  

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