Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things I Learned From reading on the Internet today.

  1. If you're gonna cosplay as the Hulk, always read the green body paint package! 
  2. You may believe God has given you power over snakes & test that belief weekly, but someday it's going to bite you in the ass.... LITERALLY!
  3. Apparently there IS a Cleaning Fairy, but she charges you $$ and does a shitty job.
  4. People still get their panties warped  out of shape when it comes to breastfeeding. WTH folks? I thought we were past all this shit!
  5. People are also still prejudiced when it comes to folks who are over weight. Like that is news, but this study finds even if someone lost weight, they're still seen as fat & discriminated against. Crap.
  6. Although it has probably been fixed by now, this just goes to show that presidential campaigns can do really dumbass things!

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