Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I should write something here, but instead I'm just going to ramble, because that's all I seem capable of lately. The unending sick accompanied by the non stop coughing is killing me. Makes it hard to string two sentences together. I need to rest more so I can get over this crap. Tomorrow I am going to try and skate at practice. Oh wait... there's something I can talk about....

I still admin the Twitter & community calendars for the Bombers. I tweet up coming info, appearances, and general shout outs to our followers to keep them in the know. Well, they have a bout on Sunday the 20th. It's against Gainesville. Starts at 6 with a tailgate that includes free beer then bout takes off at 7. Know how I know that? Well, it wasn't from getting a press release like I'm supposed to, no it was from seeing the event on Facebook. Then after waiting a week or so, I mined all the info I needed and did it myself. My question is, if you have someone who volunteers to keep your shit up to date for you, why would you basically write that person off? It makes me sad. I'm afraid that, once I am on board at Pasco, I'm going to have to send in a letter of hasta la bye bye. I guess if you're not skating, you don't count. Seems kind of funny too, because I saw another FB posting where they were asking for volunteers. 

Poetic much?

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Vicky Ortiz said...

That has always been my experience with Roller Derby teams. If you aren't on skates they forget about you. Even though it takes so much to run a league. Once I blew out my knee and had to quit, I still wanted to stay on doing the admin stuff for my league so they could focus on skating, but they did the same to me, and I eventually told them off.