Sunday, May 13, 2012

So There I Was On Mother's Day.....

...and I couldn't stop coughing. I also couldn't swallow. (That's what SHE said!) It was so disappointing not to be able to eat the beautiful breakfast HHH made for me, or drink the OJ. I felt so craptastical I finally got up and took a flash light into the bathroom to look at my throat. It was an angry red topped off with little white dots. 

Oh crap.

It looked like strep throat. So I ask HHH to drive me to the Walk in clinic at Walgreens right up the street and I checked into it.... on Mother's Day. I was just glad there was someone to go to besides the ER on a holiday Sunday! So we get there check in, see if they take our medicaid, and wait our turn. I made sure to mention I thought I had strep right away. I get in, get tested and OMG... they say that rapid test takes 5 minutes to show, but oh... not mine. Mine turned positive almost instantly! Yay for being an over achiever!! On top of that I have the cough, pharyngitis, and an elevated BP! WTF??? I had to be quarantined away from the people I was supposed to spend the day with and sit here in bed bored as shit because I keep spiking a fever.

Best Mother's Day ever!

PS- To the creeper who decided to download photos of my kids off my blog today, I'll be calling the local police department soon to report your isp addy. I don't know who you are, but if I can get any help from some of my computer friends, I'll know where you are exactly, who you are specifically, and you're gonna be sorry if you're some internet creeper! Also, thanks for making the decision to not have photos of my kids on my blog ever again. Asshole.

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