Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pure, Abject Terror!

  • Fear is seeing your husband have a grand mal seizure in the bed next to you.
  • Fear is watching his face turn first blue, then grey because he has stopped breathing.
  • Fear is not having enough strength to roll your husband on his side so he won't swallow his tongue.
  • Fear is having all this happen AFTER being discharged from the ER earlier that day after a smaller seizure.
  • Fear is realizing your 10 year old son saw the whole thing.
HHH is hopefully going to be fine. He will see a neurologist tomorrow to pinpoint why the hell this shit happened in the first place. I want to thank everyone for the good juju and prayers. I know I was cryptic on FB & Twitter, but I still didn't know what we were dealing with. Once he finally got into a room with a plan of action, I felt safe enough opening up about the whole fucked up day. I'm beat.
For now, I'm just glad he didn't die. It was a little touch and go during the second seizure. I'm not cut out for all this medical drama! Broken wrists! Strep throat! Seizures!!! AUGH!!!! 


Poppy said...

I hope they figure out what's going on with him. Watching someone have a seizure is no fun. :( Continued positive thoughts from NYC.

Megan said...

He's been sick, right? Do I remember correctly that you said he was dehydrated at some point? Because an electrolyte imbalance can cause seizures.

Hope that's all (hah!) it was and that he's back on track. xo