Monday, May 28, 2012

Normal?? WTF Is THAT??!!??

Sigh... HHH is finally on the mend. We had to go back to the ER Sunday night and I put my foot down and made them listen to me when I told them "I have known this man for 13+ years... He NEVER looks this bad!" After they realized he wasn't faking or being over dramatic, the tests flew fast and furious! Blood cultures, pee analysis, chest X-ray, throat cultures, IV for dehydration, IV antibiotics & morphine for infection & pain... the works. As it stands, he has a throat infection that is not strep, but IS resistant to the mediocre antibiotics  he has been taking so far. We also learned HHH is allergic to Z-Pak. Broke him out in all manner of hives with some even where the sun don't shine! After he finished his IV and they administered the liquid morphine & super antibiotic he looked 60% better than when I brought him in there! The ER discharged him with the admonishment he needed to drink much more fluid than he had been & take the rest of his antibiotics he got from them. He looks 80% better now. I am so relieved. Because.....

Now that HHH is better, I can concentrate on Eldest and her broken wrist. I have to call the Ortho Office as soon as it opens so I can get her the first possible appointment. I am hoping she won't need surgery. HHH says she may need it to reposition the bone correctly. That's something I don't want to hear. She doesn't need any more pain & agony. Her embarrassment at how the whole thing happened is hitting an all time high! You CAN bet that when she get's this one cast, I'm gonna make another video of it! The last one is up to 118,000+ views!! I hope things settle down soon. I can't take much more of this bad health roller coaster!

LOL! She's changed a lot in 3 years! Here's hoping she's learned her lesson about moving golf carts!


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