Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Baby.

I got Eldest a pedicure today. She should have been in school. She wasn't though. For the last two days she's been fighting the pestilence that Jr. brought us home from his new school. Tuesday morning she threw up. We figured out it was just the meds she was taking irritating her stomach because she hadn't eaten very much before I freaked out & ran to the ER, but still... what is it about our kids being sick that makes us turn into Super MOM?? I looked at it this way;

Eldest never gets sick. Like almost N-E-V-E-R. Last time she was sick, well, it was at least a year or more ago. My other two get sick so much easier since they have the diabetes weakening their system. They spend a lot of time in the warm embrace of Super Mom getting hugs, special surprises, and tons of loving attention. Eldest almost never gets to tap that font of attention. For the last two days I have been catering to her with soup, medicine, Gatorade, hot chocolate, and now.... a pedicure. Her first as a matter of fact. I don't get to do a lot with Eldest and now with her being a teen, there is even less to do, but I was elated to share this with her. 

I'm proud of my kids affection towards me. Jr. still asks me to walk him to the bus stop. Morgan wants to go shopping with me. And now Eldest has something we can make ours as a "Girl Time" activity. They are well adjusted, kind, sharing, and decent and really, that's all a mother can ask for right? To know you're not raising asshole who make the world a worse off place for everyone else? 

Motherhood.... I must be doing something right!

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