Friday, May 11, 2012


So this flu I got from the family has laid me low. Low as in in bed, high fever, can't move, crawl into a hot shower for an hour low. On Thursday I took at least 7 hot showers to try & break my fever, and that was with taking cold meds to limit some of the effects. I started feeling better Friday during the day, but the fever came back at 5pm. all I know is this shit better get gone by next weekend because HHH is planning a trip for us down to Disney to celebrate Mother's Day belatedly. That's probably good because I am in no condition to celebrate this weekend. (I'd take a mimosa though.. you know, for "medicinal" purposes!)

Also, I need to get a hold of some type of super health injections or the like because when I did venture out of bed, this we what I saw in my kitchen....
And that was after 12 hours of me being sick. Mind you, it was spotless when I first took to the bed ill. That's just a WTF moment right there. My OCD kicked in and I cleaned it up, then settled back into bed & watched Despicable Me w/Junior before he left for school. I did keep an eye on  the house though.... it can NEVER look that bad again. I'll explode from the disorganization of it!!

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