Monday, May 21, 2012


So hey, yeah.... I spent the weekend with the family in Orlando. Having finally recovered from the strep throat my children gifted me with, we decided to make up for being quarantined on Mother's Day weekend by having a blast at Universal & Disney. HHH even got us a room onsite at Universal! The good thing about that? We got early admission to Islands of Adventure to go through WWoHP! Usually we avoid that part of the parks like the plague, but having that extra hour made a huge difference! We actually got straight on to the ride! Only problem I had was going from bright sunlight to the relative darkness of the ride entrance, I ran right into one of the queue line posts and almost broke my arm. I just didn't see the wrought iron post there because I was pretty much blind! In a word... OUCH! Another good thing about staying onsite is your room keys double as Express Passes! Front of the line anyone? Yes please! One thing we didn't stay for was the new Super Star Parade. You know, the one they implied I was too old & chunky to work in? Yeah. I saw the float I'd have skates with & the costumes covered the entire skater! There was no way to tell who was under those things! Meh... The Despicable Me float was better anyway!

On Sunday, we spent the day at Blizzard Beach. I was looking forward to relaxing on a beach near the wave pool and maybe taking in a slide or two with the family. What I didn't like was finding out my lung capacity was still crap. The stairs I nimbly bounded up in March were steep, Everest-like nemesis of cough inducing doom! OMG!!! I was only able to get to the top twice! That was ok though, because we rented a private umbrella and I had a great lounge chair waiting on me!! The only other bother was the amount of European Men in tiny, TIGHT speedos! EEK! I was wishing for eye bleach a couple of times.
It was while HHH & I were lounging that an idea formed as well. An idea where we have a big party for my 40th birthday. Last year I was all depressed & mopey but not this year! This year I will be F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! So we are renting out a section of the umbrellas, inviting family & friends and on July 7th we will be partying down at Blizzard Beach! I'm even subsidizing 10 tickets for folks who can't come otherwise. I said it earlier on Twitter and FB that I have reached an age where I value people & experiences over things and items. It has taken quite a while to get here, 40 years in fact, but it feels right & rather than a party where people give me gifts, I'd rather have a get together where we all have a blast and I can treasure the photos of said fun! (Also good for blackmail!)

So, what did you guys do for your weekend?

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