Saturday, May 26, 2012


Friday was not a good day. My Eldest was riding home with Dad on his golf cart when a wasp flew into the front. Eldest is crazy scared of wasps, bees, and all stinging insects.  She panicked and jumped from the cart WHILE IT WAS STILL MOVING!!!! The results were evident from the moment HHH picked her up off the parking lot. 

Her wrist was possibly broken again. She had road rash all over her. She was a crying bloodied mess. I was grateful she hadn't faceplanted! Her initial complaint was she did NOT want to be in a cast for the start of summer AGAIN! She was sooooooo pissed off at that wasp too.

We got seen rather quickly at the local ER. Xrays are taken right in the rooms there. The tech reminded me of a giggling George Lopez! 

The humor had returned finally and she was mugging for the Xrays even though it wouldn't show up.

Then it was time to get wrapped up and take pain meds.  She was REALLY happy to get the pain meds!! 

So after getting wrapped up and medicated, it was time to go look at the xrays.

At first we couldn't see it because well.... I'm not a trained radiologist, but then,....

They flipped the color and there it was. Her wrist is most definitely broken . Again. It was this time three years ago that she fell roller skating and broke both of her wrists. TO THE DAY!!! 

SO I have a broken daughter again. Hopefully I can force feed her calcium again like last time. I cut her healing time from 8 weeks to 4! I just hope it isn't so bad she has to have surgery.

How did your holiday weekend go?

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Dave2 said...

Medicated? Ooh! That's the best part of going to the ER!

Feel better soon!