Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back At It!

 Back in the saddle! Whoo hoo!


The one time they asked me to jam. LOL, I don't think they'll do it again any time soon. I am SO not in shape enough yet to jam. Block, yes.... Jam? NO!

So I had a good time. I took it easy. No bench clearing hits. No hurting anyone. I never hit the floor. I didn't go to the box. I was a little frustrated at no one really knowing the important things like, your penalty time doesn't start till your ass is in the chair, or, no, you can't turn around and go clockwise back to the box. They're new. They'll get it! LOVED SKATING with every single one of them. Ladies who skate for the love of the game, not the stepping stone it could be to WFTDA. Love of the game.

Damn I love this game!

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