Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unpacking Ammo!

  • I have been unpacking for the last 4 days. I have most of the stuff situated, but there are boxes still in the extra room that is "supposed" to be my office. You know... a place I can go, shut the door and type to my heart's content? Yeah, that. Basically because  I have a door to shut, I am ignoring it.
  • HHH had to go out on an emergency call last night to liberate an old lady from one of the elevators that got stuck. Yes, we have an elevator in all the buildings here because it used to be a 55+ community & old folks can't get their Jazzys up the stairs!! Apparently every once in a while, they tend to get stuck. So, excuse me wile I start using the stairs more often!
  • Aunt Flo hates me. I know this because she showed up right as we were loading up the moving truck to move to the new place. Kiss my ass Aunt Flo. 
  • Even though the weather was crap for moving, the rest of the time it has been BEAUTIFUL! I have had the windows open. I can just tell living closer to the ocean is making me feel better! 
  • We just got our lease signed yesterday. LOL! HHH and the new office staff has been trying to fix all the fires left by the old staff that was here before. So Wednesday I get to try to put them in a new school system for a month. Yippee!
  • IKEA need to come to my house and fix it up, namely the  kitchen & living room. 
  • Apparently "Roller Derby Chic" isn't a viable decorating style.
  • No one has taken my up on my offer of a $25 gift card to name my new Foursquare home spot! Come on people! It's a free $25. I'd even be willing to SEND you $25 cash. 
  • Ok, that's all for now.

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Kathy in Californioa said...

Okay -- how about this for your new "home" -- "Helen Wheels -- the life and times of a derby queen and her tribe."