Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So, as we get ready to move on, I have to start looking up names for stuuf. Names for the schools over there, names of the nearby amenities we will need to make use of, street names, park names, etc etc etc....

And the most important name of all...

What to name my new Foursquare spot for where we will live! I'm gonna have to think of something, but the move and FCATs and everything else is just  frying my brain. HELP! Can you think of anything better? Guidelines are...

  1. Has to have Blondefabulous in the name.
  2. Must make mention of being a rollergirl, either directly or in passing.
  3. Can be funny or dramatic... whatever.
  4. Entry into this naming gig will net you a $25 gift card.
You have till April 27th. After that I will look all the names over and pick the one I like best. 

Aaaaaannnnnndddddd......... GO!

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