Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Haz Shelves!

 I actually got two kinds of storage shelves today. I was originally was going to get just the floating shelves, but then I saw these rails above and I thought "Wow! I'm gonna use those to hang my pots!" It worked out awesome!

Then HHH came home and hung my shelves in the office. Nice, right? The color matches the desk  and I christened them with  my signed copy of Alton Brown's first book from his Good Eats series. I'll unpack other stuff and set things out as I go.... But so far, things are looking great!


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Warehouse Racking said...

Love both of them! I've always liked floating shelves because they look so neat, but recently I've been planning a kitchen redecoration and have been thinking about exactly those shelves you've got there for your pans (and a smaller one for cooking spoons and stuff too).