Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Hate Moving!

  • It's annoying.
  • I have to go on an Odyssey for boxes.
  • I'm too cheap to buy boxes.
  • You have to rent a truck. 
  • You have to pack up all your belongings.
  • No matter how well you label the boxes, shit ends up disappearing!
  • Something will get broken.
  • Moving my plants is always a dirty whore.. I mean chore.
  • Unpacking is a bitch.
  • If I absolutely need something RIGHT NOW, it will be in the last box at the bottom of said box.
  • My kids will always think their toys are always #1, therefor those will get packed by them before socks, underpants, & clothes. 
  • My cat will fruit out at moving.
  • The cat will spend the first week finding all the hiding places in the new house, usually where I am trying to put something away.
  • I'm tired.
  • I always get hurt when moving. (remember the knee from last April? I DO!)
  • I always end up thinking I have too much shit!(PURGE!!!)
  • All charitable organization who take donations are shitty at scheduling those pick ups. I wanna be charitable, but they won't let me!!
  • I always pray this will be the last move.

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