Friday, April 27, 2012

A Buy Her Give Away!

Hey everybody! Do you like the Avengers Movies? You know Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and the like? Well, their first movie ALL TOGETHER is coming out on May 4th. (Here is where I say how jelly I am of my UK friends who got to see the movie itself on 4/27 because the premier date was moved up over there!) Well, to celebrate, we ladies at Buy-Her are having a give away, and OH MY... what a give away. Our main girl Liza Rae put together a little post about how she loves the Avenger movies, and really, with RDJ, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, etc.... who WOULDN'T love them?? Wink wink! The prize pack has a lot of stuff in it including a shirt, buttons, special 3D glasses.... just tons of cool stuff. And as I write this....


You guys need to haul butt over there to get in on this action because if ya win, you will look freakin' AWESOME going to opening night with all that gear! 


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