Monday, April 30, 2012

Back Rollin'.

I went & checked out a derby practice at Pasco tonight. It was awesome. They are a brand new league. By new I mean their league started in Sept. 2011 and they hosted their first home bout on March 2012. These ladies were awesome! They ran a great 2 hour practice. I was hot, sweaty, tired, & excited. I HAVE to get back on my wheels! With our insurance changing and us moving, my knee & shoulder work is put on indefinite hold. I'll have to go through evals and everything all over again. May as well give them something REALLY worth fixing, right. Go big or go home I always say!!
So interesting thing.... they asked me to drop in on their scrimmage with Pinellas too. I'm way out of shape, but I really wanna. I miss my skates so damn much! We'll see after the Thursday practice, and by we'll see I mean let's see how sore I am after skating these two practices!LOL!

I'm back baby! (for now)

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