Sunday, April 8, 2012

And again because it should be said!

I know I wrote this yesterday, but it bears repeating. 

I was on Pinterest Saturday, when I noticed that someone had taken one of my photos in my "Get To Know Nicole" Buy-Her board and repinned it to their board. Thinking it was perhaps a fan of derby or a loyal reader from Buy-Her, I scrolled down to see the title of the pin board. It said in all caps... NOT OK. My heart sank. I looked at the board's other photos and saw this pinner created a board specifically to belittle the pins(people) on it. There were old people, overweight people, strange looking people,.... and me. The photo was the one that was taken on team photo day for the Bombers 2011 season. I was completely covered. the only bare skin showing was my arms! The caption given to a photo I was proud to have taken was "She should have standards." What?? Uh, I have standards, lots of them! I was just so incensed that first I emailed Pinterest Help and then I reported the pin as an attack on a person or individual. After that, I put out the word that some high school drop out was harshing on my being a derby girl, because really... that's what it felt like. She was passing judgement on me because of what I was wearing and what I looked like. Nevermind I am a strong, fit woman at the age of almost 40 participating in an extremely physical sport. Nevermind that I had some of the best hits of my life that season. Nevermind that I just got done being judged for my looks by a major theme park a week or so ago. I was angry. I thought to myself "What gives this young girl the right to tell me I need to have standards?" After putting out the call on FB and Twitter for people to go look at what she posted on her pin board, many folks shared their feelings on the subject on that very same pin.
Thumbnail of Santina Keith
Santina Keith
She's completely awesome! You should have manners.
Thumbnail of Nechamah Singer
Nechamah Singer
That was really nasty to say about my friend.
Thumbnail of Liza Corbo
Liza Corbo
why would you say something like that...
Thumbnail of Mary Cioffi
Mary Cioffi
Ha ha!1 Your derby girl friend looks like someone that would be the life of the party. Lets invite her to the USA for our Barbecue!
Thumbnail of Theresa Barrett
Theresa Barrett
Wow. Such strong words from a person who doesn't know this lovely lady in the pic. Maybe, your parents did not teach you properly. Judge not lest ye be judged. She is a wonderful human being!
Thumbnail of Steph White
Steph White
To Alanna: You know what's "NOT OKAY"? Your judgment towards others. I hope for your sake that you learn to grow up someday. This entire board you've created here is rather disturbing. Not because of the images, but because of your ignorance. The woman in this picture has standards. She's a mother, a proud one. She's not only strong-willed but strong-bodied and strong-minded; A few traits you could clearly take a tip from. Your parents must be so proud to have raised a daughter with the ability to pass judgment without remorse on people you have no idea about. And not only do you not know the reason for why people do the things you have posted on this board, but in an age where you literally have the world at your finger tips, you've made a conscious decision to be too lazy or too careless (your pick) to educate yourself and better appreciate the people you coexist with. You have some serious soul-searching to do, little girl. Good luck.

That's just the ones from Pinterest. I got tons of support on Twitter & FB too. It was overwhelmingly satisfying to see all the support I got in response to what amounted to bullying from what appeared to be a high school drop out. (Her FB says she "left school" in 2012, so I assume that is the new PC way to say drop out.) I say thank you to everyone who expressed their distaste for the pin & caption. If you read this and would like to comment on her pintastic judgement of me, follow any of the links above to the pin. I'll appreciate any help in convincing this girl that what she's doing just isn't cool, and in fact it's down right despicable and discriminatory!

Discrimination in any form sucks ass and shouldn't be allowed, be it derby attire, tattoos, ethnicity, or hoodies. 


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from someone who says:

"Im the kind of girl that loves to change my outfit at least a 100 times a day " (from her MySpace page).

I would recommend not being too hung up on the ramblings of a high school girl, and report the pinterest picture as an attack on an individual (I already did).

You'd also do well to rename/relocate the pictue, which will pull it off her appears to be hotlinked, not actually copied.

Even better, find the most offensive picture on the internet you can find, rename it to the name of YOUR photo, and it will show up on her page.

OH! Or... Link to one of this girls OWN photos from her MySpace page... Just a thought.


Blondefabulous said...

ANON- Yes, I've had several people tell me to let it roll off, but it occurred to me that this girl needs a small lesson in tact and how not to be a discriminatory ass! If asking the derby nation to rise up and tell this girl she is wrong is too much, then I guess I'm just not that subtle, but then, most people figure that out after seeing the photo!

If we don't teach these kids to not be jerks now, the future is gonna be one long episode of Jackass!