Wednesday, April 25, 2012


OMG I have become addicted to IKEA! Why the hell didn't someone warn me? I mean, who can resist those low prices? Who wouldn't want tons of stuff at incredible savings? 


I am trying to put together my office so I can write more regularly and I need shelves. I have a shit ton of stuff, knick knacks, and books that I had on shelves before my great charity purge of 2012 when said shelves went bye bye to someone else who might have needed them. Now I need shelves again so I can UNPACK my stuff.  My books look so lonely in an old, cardboard box. I checked several stores and IKEA has what I need. A 6 foot, floating shelf at IKEA costs $15. At Home Depot, they cost $35. At Bed, Bath, & Beyond it doesn't even come in a 6 foot size. At Lowe's it costs just as much as Home Depot. I could go on and on.... but I won't. I just want a frickin' set of 3, 6 foot shelves, mounted on my wall.

Is that so much to ask? I don't think so. So tomorrow I will be trekking to IKEA to get my shelves.

Here's hoping I don't become even MORE addicted!

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Megan said...

And here I thought people just went there to eat. ;)