Saturday, March 3, 2012


It never ceases to amaze me that you are turning ten this year. I no longer have any single digit children and while this makes me sad, I am also excited for what is to come for you. Ten is usually a big one. You're a tween now. Not a little kid, but not a teenager with all the angst that goes with it. You are my epic child. My Junior Mint.

You're so smart, so talented. You are so proud when you bring home notices that you made honor roll or student of the month. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am. I will wallpaper my vehicle in good student bumper stickers as long as you bring them home.

And what blows me away the most is you want to be with your mom. You're not a mamma's boy in the least, but you want to spend time with me. You want to adventure with me. You want to have fun with me. Some of my best memories are skating with you because you wanted to. Photo bombing random strangers at Epcot on the rides because we thought it'd be funny. Dancing in the rain because we didn't have an umbrella so what else could we do? I hope that never goes away.

Handsome doesn't begin to describe you. 10 years ago, every nurse in the maternity/newborn unit wanted to hold you and tousle your blonde curls you were so damn cute. Yes, you had curls even when you were born! You are still my handsome man, even if Daddy cut your curls off.

I know 10 is going to be a great year for you. You're trying football. You have tickets to Universal & Disney for the whole year. Adventure is just waiting around the corner. So I say to you, as I do every day before you kiss me and get out of the car at school....
Be EPIC my sweet sweet son. Go out & show the world you can be the most amazing kid ever! Own the day(and year ten) like a boss! And always remember... Tater tots baby. Tater tots.

(Did I mention we speak Meme too? I did say he was EPIC!)

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Poppy said...

Oooh, 10 is so much fun! Happy 10!!!