Monday, March 26, 2012

Remember My Other Gig?

You guys remember last year when I said I got a new gig writing for a women's shopping & review site? Well, I have still been plugging away over there and because HHH was let go, I haven't been doing it as much, but I'm still doing it. Take today for example.... I wrote a post about my awesome hair dryer I got a few months back when my ancient, early 1990's hair dryer blew up... like literally BLEW UP! 

Anywhoo... go HERE and read THIS for me if you will. Also, delve through the rest of the site and read the other great pieces I've written and if you really want to read something awesome, read some of the other stories from the ROCK STAR LADIES I write with. Makes my stuff look like a monkey throwing poop at a typewriter! 


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