Sunday, March 25, 2012

Random Thoughts On A Random Day.

  • My dog is weird. Like licks the cat's butt weird. Like doesn't bark at strangers, but will squeak like a rusty hinge if he hears the least little sound on the outside of the door weird.
  • The cat is just as weird. He spent 30 minutes today making love to a spot on the tile floor. I guess it smelled good.(Yet he won't go near the catnip bubbles we bought.)
  • The cat is also pissed off about the fact that HHH & I put him on Mature formula weight control/hair ball food. He doesn't look any thinner, but he hasn't hocked up a hairball yet AND his cat box smells 5x better.
  • Has your cat ever taken a dump in the middle of the night so heinous that the smell wafts to your bedroom and WAKES YOU UP??? Yeah, that's the reason for the new food.
  • I went skating on Thursday. I took the kids & Eldest's friend and we hit the local skate rink's family night. Oh the floor was so shellaced and smooth. A bit sticky on my knee pads when I did some drops, but still it felt good. It was AWESOME! I made it all the 2 1/2 hours! Knee was a little tricky but till HHH gets insurance again, any medical intervention is now put off indefinitely so might as well skate on that bad boy! Also, I need practice before trying out for Universal.
  • HHH's employer is fighting his Unemployment claim. Yup. They are being dickwads. We are gonna have everything shut down in a week or two and there's nothing we can do about it. They didn't contest anyone else's unemployment, just his. It's bull shit!
  • Oh and their "New Supervisor of Maintenance"?? HHH's replacement?? That guy NEVER SHOWED UP. He called in on the first day saying his kid was sick and never even came to the job. HHH & I are making bets he came to work that Monday, saw what a shit place it had turned into, and left FAST! The ad McKinley put on Craigslist said "Come work at our newest property!" when in fact, this place is 23 years old! It's only new to McKinley because they just bought it a year ago. If the management company cant even be honest in the ad, don't expect them to be honest to you at all. 
  • The poor guy who worked with HHH and is still here has had to make due with a revolving door of loaner guys from other properties and temp guys from the temp service. AND while he is doing this McKinley is still looking for a replacement for HIM! If they had just gotten their panties out of a wad, HHH would still be employed and keeping their tenants happy. By all accounts from our neighbors... no one is happy right now. There are at least 40+ open work orders to have shit fixed in people's apartments. 
  • There is a great place called that has reviews of companies from the employee perspective. Yeah there are some nutballs on there who you can just tell are trying to bash their former employers, but there are also a lot of truthful sounding descriptions of what people have had happen to them, and if we had known about that site sooner, HHH would have NEVER taken this job. There were several accounts of McKinley that totally matched what happened to him and OMG... we'd have never come here! It's not just property management companies either. Check it out to see if it helps in your job search.
  • Here's the part where I ask you guys to send HHH some good juju. HHH had an amazing interview on Friday with a company in Wesley Chapel and he really wants that job. It's a newer property with great help in the office, a nice location, and a fitness club in the front where I can train to get back into derby. Please, in the name of all things holy and not, send all the good vibes, prayers, juju, and what have you tohelp him land this. After the last one fell through at the last minute(miscomunication between managers), we need this. I wanted to be in a new job by April. Thanks folks!
  • My gratitude will abound.
Catch ya on the flip side!

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