Thursday, March 29, 2012


HHH took me to IKEA today. He had the idea when I had said I needed to go walking. What better way to walk around than in the hamster habitrails that make up America's favorite Swedish home outlet, right??? So after I dropped off the last kid at school, we hopped in the car and drove on down to find.....

They don't open till 10.

Well poop. But then,  glimmer of hope! The sign says that the restaurant opens at 9:30! Whoo hoo! That's when we notice the horde of elderly people lining up at the doors. Apparently, the allure of a $1.99 breakfast with free coffee is irresistible to old folks! HHH & I decide to wait in the car till the doors open, then go in. Once we did go in, there was a loud musical accompaniment to our going up the escalator, and perky IKEA workers in blue and yellow pointing the way to the cafe'. (BTW... don't try and go shopping early. They'll hunt you down and eat your first born!) HHH & I got in line where I got the $1.99 special and he got a cinnamon roll. It was tasty. It was gluten free. It killed time till we were allowed to go out onto the shopping floor and peruse the wares. 

And peruse we did.

We saw kitchen stuff, bath stuff, hardware, doors, decorator items, and shelves. We dug through bedroom furniture, living room cabinetry, rugs. HHH fell in love with the entertainment centers there. I drooled over the kitchens they had. We both hopped from bedroom to bedroom looking at all the bed frame options.  There was so much crap I doubt we saw everything and it was all so cheap and easy. (That's how mama LIKES it.) we tried valiantly to get out of there having bought nothing more than the breakfast we had already eaten, but to no avail. Once we got to the clearance aisle, we were done for. HHH found a discontinued wire shelving unit for $15 and I got two candles and some Tupperware for $8. OMG, SO. CHEAP! Only problem we had was waiting to check out. The same old people who crowded in to the store that morning were now in the check out lines and had NO IDEA how to use the scanners, how to use their coupons, or how to slide their damn debit card!! AUGH!!

So I am no longer an IKEA virgin and more than likely after HHH finds a job I will be back. I just gotta hope I don't come back with two tons of stuff I didn't know I needed.

Damn crazy Swedes!

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