Monday, March 19, 2012

God Bless....

..... The person who invented Advil Cold & Sinus Relief! It's the only thing that is working for this shit I caught at Universal last week. I swear, if I die from some funky damn pestilence I'm gonna come back and haunt the bastard who did this to me!! 
I need to get well fast because I signed up for the roller skater auditions for Universal's new parade!!! I missed the last ones because they were on a school day and I had no way to get the kids and go to my audition. THIS time it's on a Saturday, and I'm gonna make that sucker come hell or high water!!! They'll probably tell me to take my old ass home, but I can try right? Plus after the morning audition, I'll join my family in the park for some fun! 
Can't wait!!

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Megan said...

Feel better, and good luck Saturday!