Thursday, February 9, 2012

Walk This Way....

Today was the walk a thon at Juniors school.

Here is my artsy schmartzy photo of the Gatorade table.

They had lots of water and gatorade for the kids!

Every time the kids made it a lap, they got their cards signed by a volunteer. Junior did 18 laps! (I ran 14 of them with him, stopping only to take photos.)

I have no idea why they called it a walk a thon, because the kids RAN! They were trying to get maximum lappage for their sponsors! Junior and I ran/jogged mostly. I think I impressed several of the volunteers by moving out with the kids. Junior was happy to run with his mom.

If you sponsored Junior for his walk a thon, I want to say thank you again. His pledges amounted to $200, which was one of the highest in his class. He's pretty excited! I am too! So expect a card in the mail from the organizers with info on how to send in your pledge! Thanks again!!

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