Monday, February 20, 2012

Vacay Bullets

  • Friends with time shares will be the death of me. HHH got us a condo close to Disney that his co worker has points or something in. We paid $800 to the guy and thought that was all the $ we had to invest in it. Nope. When the kids and I got there we had to shell out another $200 bucks. Sigh... being nickeled and dimed the moment your relaxing vacay is supposed to start sucks.
  • The kids and I found that we could zip through the single rider lines with ease while at Epcot. Then we decided to have a little more fun by photo bombing the folks we got placed with at Test Track! We rode 6 to 10 times (I lost count) and made some of the funniest faces ever! Hopefully when those people purchased their photos and took them back to their home states & countries, they will laugh as they remember the crazy woman & kids that sat in their car!
  • Bahama Breeze is dead to me now. We tried yet again to go to yet a different Bahama Breeze restaurant for a nice dinner. We were seated by one waitress, served drinks by another one(of which 2 ended up taking 30 minutes!), our order was taken by another waitress, and then our order came out in pieces. That's when it was discovered that my order of a half size portion of Jerk Chicken Breasts had been input as Jerk Chicken Pasta. Yeah.... that wasn't going to work, so they took that back and suddenly a plate of the right entree appeared smothered in a greyish brown sauce. It tasted like Jamaican Jerk Chicken sauce, so I ate it. We hardly saw the last waitress and I was surprised when yet ANOTHER waitress showed up tableside 30 minutes later with another plate of what I had ordered. This one didn't have the grey/brown sauce on it, but it looked like it had been grilled onto the chicken. That made me wonder about the chicken I just ate. I didn't have to wonder long as I spent the rest of the night and all the next day in pain and agony

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Anonymous said...

I love Bahama Breeze...uncool you had a bad expereience. Typically, they're really, really busy, but the food is worth it. (Ultimate Pina Colada FTW!).

I'm totally jealous of your WDW vacation. One day I'll make it back there....