Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Total Winning Weekend!

As you guys probably guessed, we took the kids for a whirlwind trip to Disney this past weekend. They thought they were going to visit their grandpa, but we pretended to get lost and that we had to turn around in the Disney property, blah, blah, blah.... then as we pulled up to the resort entrance they finally got it and were so excited.
We stayed on property for this first trip at the Port Orleans Resort Riverside. It was really nice! Having a large property to explore was great for the kids. We actually felt safe enough to let them check things out alone while we unpacked. The room was great! Big enough for the 5 of us, but still cozy. The bathroom was the best part! Stone flooring tile with two separate sinks and a privacy curtain for changing clothes. Since we checked in late in the afternoon, we decided to just catch the ferry to Downtown Disney for dinner. Yes, I said catch the ferry. The kids were amazed that there were boats that would take you to Downtown Disney! We ate at the Earl of Sandwich then shopped for a bit before riding the ferries back to our resort to get a great night's sleep to prepare for the next day's fun! I was already riding on cloud nine because I had received an email earlier that I had won the new Cuisinart Soup Maker & Blender from Mom It Forward & the American Dairy Association! (I had participated in one of their Twitter Parties the week before!) I mean, what's not to love? It's a blender.... THAT MAKES SOUP!!!!! I had been salivating after it ever since I saw the first commercials for it!
We spent a whole day at the Magic Kingdom first. We started on one side at Tomorrowland and made our way around the park. Most folks weren't too rude with the exception of many of the foreign tourists. All I have to say is, just because you're on vacation is no reason to be rude.... EVER! (And that goes for EVERYONE!)What's funny is, I'd hear some of them speaking English at one point, but when they were rude by cutting lines, stopping short and blocking walking paths, or generally running into you because they were being rude, suddenly they don't speak English anymore! Yeah right.... whatever! And it didn't matter where they were from. Just rude rude rude rude rude! We tried not to let it bother us, but I made sure to say "excuse me" whenever I may have bumped or offended someone. It was more than I got from other people!

And that's all for this post. I'll get into days 2 & 3 next!

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Dave2 said...

Fun. Everybody needs a Disney escape from time to time!