Sunday, February 12, 2012


I think you might remember that I won a prize from one of the Twitter parties I attended a week it so ago. It was the Cuisinart Soup Maker/Blender I had been salivating over it ever since it came out. I mean, who wouldn't love a blender that mixes and puree's your stuff then actually COOKS it? Awesome! Well, it came last Friday, (while I was in the shower I might add. Thanks UPS.) And when I unpacked it from its box, I saw that not only did @INdairy pack the blender, but also an Organic fiber hit mitt, and stainless steel measuring cups and spoons with a leveler! Heaven! So now I'm going to go shopping for the makings for tomato soup when I get the chance and I'm gonna cook me some soup in a blender!! Whoop whoop!!

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Vicky Ortiz said...

Whoo Hoo! Nothing is better than homemade soup!