Monday, February 13, 2012

Slobs & Jerks

You see that crap above? That's what we live with down here. Slobs who can't be bothered with putting their garbage actually IN the dumpster so it gets destroyed by local wildlife, and then I have to step over, around, and most times through it to get my garbage in the dumpster since I don't want to be an inconsiderate asshole like they are. Even my kids know to throw the garbage IN the dumpster. It isn't hard. There is a nice walkway that HHH and the other maintenance man keep clear so you don't have to open the oversized, clumsy doors in the front. It's easy peasy lemon squeezy and only takes a moment. Unfortunately, many of my neighbors are lazy fucks who can't do that. That's just fine. No problem. Hope my nasty ass neighbors don't mind me going through their garbage bags to get an incriminating piece of mail, photographing it, and emailing said photo to the office so that they can add a $50 charge to the offenders monthly rent allotment. Yes I am that crazy lady going through the garbage, but I'm tired of walking over poopy diapers & rotten food waste, I have a huge supply of sanitizer, and I'm pissed!

Next up will be the dog poop leavers. When my kids walk Gobo, they know to pick up his poop. I got them in the habit of tying the readily available poop bags on the retractable leashes handle so there is always one ready, and they clean up after our dog every time. The people in this condo community however, don't really do that. My newest foe is a woman in our building that has an English Bulldog. She doesn't even put it on a leash, just opens the door and lets it amble down to the patch of grass to take its dump and in no way even attempts to clean up after her pet. Apparently since she lives on the second floor, it's too much trouble for her to go downstairs with her dog to pick up his refuse and put in the doggy waste bins that cover the property! Lazy ass bitch. I almost stepped in her dogs shit yesterday morning and if I had, I would have cleaned off my shoe with paper towels, put said towels in a paper bag, dropped it on her doorstep, and lit it on fire! If it was someone who was handicapped or had issues I could understand, but this lady is young and able. She's just a lazy hoe.

So anyway good readers, as you read this on Valentine's Day, remember that you don't have to just show appreciation to your signifigant other. Show your neighbors some admiration and respect as well in the form of decent, neighborly behavior! It will go a long way towards not having flaming bags of shit and garbage left on your doorsteps.

The crazy lady, aka- Blonde

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