Saturday, February 11, 2012


Saturdays are awesome. No school for the kids, no waking up early, time to make waffles instead of cereal on the run..... However, this Saturday is not as win. HHH has had the CEO of his company here and also the new Operations Manager and they have done nothing but bitch. This doesn't look right. That isn't fixed. This is sub par. They went on and on. Ya know what they didn't address during that bitch fest? The fact that HHH and his manager have virtually NO MONEY IN THEIR BUDGET!! No money to fix stuff. No money for improvements. Nothing. Their budget that was handed down from corporate barely covers operational costs for this place. Maybe if the property had been built in the 2000's the budget would cover stuff, but this place was built in 1983. It's almost 30 years old for Crispies sake!! You can't just expect to slap on a coat of paint and cover up 30 years of wear and tear. It ain't gonna happen.

So anywhoo, Since that occurred, HHH has had to work this Saturday. He is also going to have to work till Friday next week even though we already have plans to return to Disney and he already got his time off approved. Sigh... Their lack of funding has put this place in the ground, how the hell do they expect my husband to fix it all in one year with no money?

It's ridiculous!

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