Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Our Own.

The kids & I went to Epcot today. We were on our own, without HHH because yet again his company has interfered with our PLANNED vacation that he put in for over a month and a half ago! Here's the kids with the Candy Lady in Japan.

And here they are on one of the concourse bridges. You can see behind them where EPCOT is getting things ready for the Flower show in March. I love the butterfly patterns they were making! So pretty!

I finally found my Disney hat I had been looking for! It was a chef's toque with Remey from Ratatouille. I saw one last time we were there and couldn't find it even though we looked all over AND called the number for merchandise distribution. It was in France. Go figure eh?
Here's the girls in front of a fountain in Italy!

And lastly, here they are with the famous candy lady in Japan. Love watching this woman make candy, I just wish she'd sell it to us. She donates it to a children's hospital though, so that's just as nice.

OK folks, I'm tired. More fun coming tomorrow!

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