Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lucky Ducky

Today we met Lucky. Lucky is a very lucky little duckling. It seems Lucky had just hatched maybe a day or two ago, as spring hatchlings are wont to do, and like most of the young, succulent baby ducks, Lucky had been snatched from his kith and kin by the local red tailed hawk. Fear not, good reader, for Lucky was a plucky young duck. He apparently hadn't been pierced by the hawk's razor sharp talons and wiggled till he broke free of the hawk's grasp. Unfortunately for Lucky, that was also 50 feet up... over a parking lot. Good thing ducklings are bouncy. He injured his eye though. A friend of Eldest saw the whole thing go down. She picked up Lucky and brought him to us. Why am I a soft touch? Does everyone know this?? Anywho, we couldn't keep him because I have a hungry, crafty cat. My first thought was to go to my local vet and ask what to do. I stopped by and explained our problem. The nice folks at the vet gave me the number to an after hours vet who would take Lucky in, fix up his eye, and put him with a bird rescue group. So Lucky was dropped off a few hours later at the emergency vet and I could breathe a sigh of relief knowing Lucky wouldn't end up a hawk snack!(or a cat snack!)
So that's our tale of Lucky the lucky duckling. I wonder what tomorrow has in store?

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