Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Field of Dreams!!

Was at football with Jr. again tonight. He did really well for only his second real practice. He took a few hits, but gave a few back. I was very proud. Starting next day after school he and I are going to be throwing the ball in the back yard to help him learn to catch the ball better. I think he's is really gonna have a knack for this football thing.
Now, on to the annoying part of the practice. I'll put it in 3 parts.
  1. There is a Lacrosse game every night now on Tuesdays. Why is this bad? Well, tonight they had a PA system set up and it blasted music so loud I couldn't hear my daughters sitting next to me. Also I almost got pegged in the back of the head by a Lacrosse ball when a few of the non competing players were goofing around on the sidelines... sidelines that butt up to our football field. That sucked & gave me a headache. Also the home team lost 17-2. They better step it up!
  2. My sideline routine is, stake out a spot, set up our stuff, crack open the computers, watch Jr and catch up on homework for the girls. Yes, I am that parent running wi-fi from her hot spot phone. Yes I am chatting with my friends on twitter & facebook. No, I do not think it's silly. No, if you want to use my phone's hot spot I need $20 cash up front. I even tweeted as such... " Yes, I am out here at football practice with 2 computers & a hot spot. Kiss my ass, $20 if you want in on the hot spot." Yeah, after I said it was $20, the other parents backed away. How have these people not thought of this. If I have to go back again, I'm gonna start doing my writings for Buy Her there. 2 days a week for 2 hours a day of mostly peace & quiet? I'll take that for a buck!
  3. Jr's coach always keeps them late. All the other kids teams can be done and heading off the field, but no. Jr's team is still going. I'm glad that the coach wants to work the kids hard so they'll learn from constant repetition, but man it's getting close to 9pm and I gotta bounce so we can be to bed at a decent hour. Don't keep the kids and parents waiting. That's really uncool man!
I can't wait till Thursday. Jr's team will be having a scrimmage with the cross town rivals, the Ravens at Raven's Field. Should make for some interesting photos to say the least.And now, I'm tired.


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