Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fancy Cars & the Asshats Who Drive Them.

On Friday, as I was driving back from picking up my daughter Mo, I was yet again cut off in traffic by some dick in an expensive car who thought he should have the right of way when clearly the rules of the road would have said otherwise. That's him in the photo. Douchey mofo driving a frickin Range Rover yammering away on his Bluetooth totally ignoring my honk of "OMG dude, I was here first!" as he pushed across 3 lanes to jump the rest of us who were already there. It got me thinking.... usually when I have been almost hit, cut off, swerved in, or generally screwed over by another driver, it has been someone in an expensive car. Why is this, I wonder? Do they have so much money they don't give a shit? Do they think their fancy car automatically gives them the right to be a dick to the rest of us who baby afford such luxury? Is it that they think that since they can afford such a fine automobile, the rest of us peasants in mini vans and gas sipping sedans have to bow down to their superiority?? I don't get it. What I do know is dickweed up there refused to look back and if my kid hadn't been in the car with me I might have gotten out & had a "conversation" with him about his rude driving.

I gotta get my knee fixed so I can go back to derby. My pent up anger needs an outlet!!

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Poppy said...

Please, for your own health and wellbeing, don't ever move to NYC. You would spend every waking moment being angry about being cut off. It even happens when you're *walking* here.