Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The End.

Well, it had to end sometime, right? We are home from our vacay. I already have laundry & dishes started and the kids and I are going to bed early so we can get up for school tomorrow. Bleck! 6am is gonna note ass tomorrow.

As it was, we spent out last day ay the Universal theme parks. It was MUCH less crowded today. We got right on almost every ride with the exception of Harry Potter world. That place was a complete mad house and we left very quickly. A few things that I need to point out:

1. The squirrels at Universal are fat & fearless. Oh man. The kids and I had a table staked out at one of the eating establishments and I was nibbling on the chicken Caesar salad HHH had brought over when suddenly Eldest let out a squeal. I looked over to my left and there was a fat mama squirrel sitting right next to me. And I do mean right next to me. Like she was almost sitting on my shoulder! She was hungry too! First we tried feeding her a crouton. Bit that was a no go. Then we tried feeding her lettuce, but that was a no too. Finally we tossed a piece of grilled chicken and that was the winner. She hopped right on that and gobbled it down. So that was a learning experience. Squirrels like chicken!
2. Then, as we were waiting for the two youngest to return from the ball popping pavilion I looked over at a statue of Curious George at the entrance to the play area and I swear to you, it looked like he was getting a high colonic! I even tweeted the photo! I captioned it "Curious George Gets A High Colonic" is NOT a fun ride! Lol!! See for yourselves. I put the photo up above!. Sometimes children's playgrounds are so weird.

So there ya go. I'll be back to regular tomorrow. I know you all are so thrilled! ;-)

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