Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm still a Daydream Believer! RIP Davy Jones. I was looking forward to seeing you at Epcot on May 18th. Now I'll never get to see you live.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Field of Dreams!!

Was at football with Jr. again tonight. He did really well for only his second real practice. He took a few hits, but gave a few back. I was very proud. Starting next day after school he and I are going to be throwing the ball in the back yard to help him learn to catch the ball better. I think he's is really gonna have a knack for this football thing.
Now, on to the annoying part of the practice. I'll put it in 3 parts.
  1. There is a Lacrosse game every night now on Tuesdays. Why is this bad? Well, tonight they had a PA system set up and it blasted music so loud I couldn't hear my daughters sitting next to me. Also I almost got pegged in the back of the head by a Lacrosse ball when a few of the non competing players were goofing around on the sidelines... sidelines that butt up to our football field. That sucked & gave me a headache. Also the home team lost 17-2. They better step it up!
  2. My sideline routine is, stake out a spot, set up our stuff, crack open the computers, watch Jr and catch up on homework for the girls. Yes, I am that parent running wi-fi from her hot spot phone. Yes I am chatting with my friends on twitter & facebook. No, I do not think it's silly. No, if you want to use my phone's hot spot I need $20 cash up front. I even tweeted as such... " Yes, I am out here at football practice with 2 computers & a hot spot. Kiss my ass, $20 if you want in on the hot spot." Yeah, after I said it was $20, the other parents backed away. How have these people not thought of this. If I have to go back again, I'm gonna start doing my writings for Buy Her there. 2 days a week for 2 hours a day of mostly peace & quiet? I'll take that for a buck!
  3. Jr's coach always keeps them late. All the other kids teams can be done and heading off the field, but no. Jr's team is still going. I'm glad that the coach wants to work the kids hard so they'll learn from constant repetition, but man it's getting close to 9pm and I gotta bounce so we can be to bed at a decent hour. Don't keep the kids and parents waiting. That's really uncool man!
I can't wait till Thursday. Jr's team will be having a scrimmage with the cross town rivals, the Ravens at Raven's Field. Should make for some interesting photos to say the least.And now, I'm tired.


Monday, February 27, 2012

My Cat Loves Me.

How to I know? Well, he likes to hold hands for one thing. He also loves to lay right behind me when I'm working or writing. He also will uproot the dog from a choice spot in the bed to take it over. Either way, I know my cat loves me!! I love my Fluffawuffagus too!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Here's hoping my Lucky Car Ninja keeps the crappy drivers at bay!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fancy Cars & the Asshats Who Drive Them.

On Friday, as I was driving back from picking up my daughter Mo, I was yet again cut off in traffic by some dick in an expensive car who thought he should have the right of way when clearly the rules of the road would have said otherwise. That's him in the photo. Douchey mofo driving a frickin Range Rover yammering away on his Bluetooth totally ignoring my honk of "OMG dude, I was here first!" as he pushed across 3 lanes to jump the rest of us who were already there. It got me thinking.... usually when I have been almost hit, cut off, swerved in, or generally screwed over by another driver, it has been someone in an expensive car. Why is this, I wonder? Do they have so much money they don't give a shit? Do they think their fancy car automatically gives them the right to be a dick to the rest of us who baby afford such luxury? Is it that they think that since they can afford such a fine automobile, the rest of us peasants in mini vans and gas sipping sedans have to bow down to their superiority?? I don't get it. What I do know is dickweed up there refused to look back and if my kid hadn't been in the car with me I might have gotten out & had a "conversation" with him about his rude driving.

I gotta get my knee fixed so I can go back to derby. My pent up anger needs an outlet!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Just A Friendly Suggestion....

Dear Pick Up Line Parents:

I find it commendable that you arrive 45 minutes early for elementary school pick up. It is also awesome that you have such a rapport with your little group that you gather together OUTSIDE of your cars to chatter like magpies and cackle. I also commend you on wanting to meet your little ball of sunshine as they return from another day of learning. Really, all that is just swell, but I just have one suggestion for you...


I'm sorry, but if you have to get out of your car and help your little darling into their seat in your car, just do the rest of us a favor and park your car in the lot and walk over to get your kid. Some of us have other schools to get to in a timely manner. I also get to the pick up line 45 minutes early, but because of the reason that I have to be at Eldest's school 15 minutes after this school lets out, so really, having to wait 5-10 minutes as you get out of your car, walk over to your kid, open the passenger door & put your kid in, then go and get back in yourself. It's just stupid. If it was only one parent doing it, that would probably also be ok, but it's not. There are several parents who do this and all that farting around adds up to me being late. I just want to throw something at them. It is just so inconsiderate to the rest of us.

So, in conclusion, don't be a jerk. Stay in your car & let the Safety Patrol help your kid in. If that doesn't sound reasonable or you just want to be a hands on picker upper, please park your car in the lot. Don't fuck up pick up line for the rest of us poor souls who have to be somewhere else on time.

Thanks again!


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Junior at football practice yesterday. He did really well. Took a few hard hits, but really dug in and tried to do his best!

It was so damn cute watching him play!

So I was watching Junior play and as I looked around I saw I was odd mom out. All the other parents had folding chairs. Well, I saw their folding chairs & raised them a hot spot & 2 laptops with children doing homework! Ha! I win!! Next time I'll have chairs though. The ground was cold.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lucky Ducky

Today we met Lucky. Lucky is a very lucky little duckling. It seems Lucky had just hatched maybe a day or two ago, as spring hatchlings are wont to do, and like most of the young, succulent baby ducks, Lucky had been snatched from his kith and kin by the local red tailed hawk. Fear not, good reader, for Lucky was a plucky young duck. He apparently hadn't been pierced by the hawk's razor sharp talons and wiggled till he broke free of the hawk's grasp. Unfortunately for Lucky, that was also 50 feet up... over a parking lot. Good thing ducklings are bouncy. He injured his eye though. A friend of Eldest saw the whole thing go down. She picked up Lucky and brought him to us. Why am I a soft touch? Does everyone know this?? Anywho, we couldn't keep him because I have a hungry, crafty cat. My first thought was to go to my local vet and ask what to do. I stopped by and explained our problem. The nice folks at the vet gave me the number to an after hours vet who would take Lucky in, fix up his eye, and put him with a bird rescue group. So Lucky was dropped off a few hours later at the emergency vet and I could breathe a sigh of relief knowing Lucky wouldn't end up a hawk snack!(or a cat snack!)
So that's our tale of Lucky the lucky duckling. I wonder what tomorrow has in store?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The End.

Well, it had to end sometime, right? We are home from our vacay. I already have laundry & dishes started and the kids and I are going to bed early so we can get up for school tomorrow. Bleck! 6am is gonna note ass tomorrow.

As it was, we spent out last day ay the Universal theme parks. It was MUCH less crowded today. We got right on almost every ride with the exception of Harry Potter world. That place was a complete mad house and we left very quickly. A few things that I need to point out:

1. The squirrels at Universal are fat & fearless. Oh man. The kids and I had a table staked out at one of the eating establishments and I was nibbling on the chicken Caesar salad HHH had brought over when suddenly Eldest let out a squeal. I looked over to my left and there was a fat mama squirrel sitting right next to me. And I do mean right next to me. Like she was almost sitting on my shoulder! She was hungry too! First we tried feeding her a crouton. Bit that was a no go. Then we tried feeding her lettuce, but that was a no too. Finally we tossed a piece of grilled chicken and that was the winner. She hopped right on that and gobbled it down. So that was a learning experience. Squirrels like chicken!
2. Then, as we were waiting for the two youngest to return from the ball popping pavilion I looked over at a statue of Curious George at the entrance to the play area and I swear to you, it looked like he was getting a high colonic! I even tweeted the photo! I captioned it "Curious George Gets A High Colonic" is NOT a fun ride! Lol!! See for yourselves. I put the photo up above!. Sometimes children's playgrounds are so weird.

So there ya go. I'll be back to regular tomorrow. I know you all are so thrilled! ;-)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Vacay Bullets

  • Friends with time shares will be the death of me. HHH got us a condo close to Disney that his co worker has points or something in. We paid $800 to the guy and thought that was all the $ we had to invest in it. Nope. When the kids and I got there we had to shell out another $200 bucks. Sigh... being nickeled and dimed the moment your relaxing vacay is supposed to start sucks.
  • The kids and I found that we could zip through the single rider lines with ease while at Epcot. Then we decided to have a little more fun by photo bombing the folks we got placed with at Test Track! We rode 6 to 10 times (I lost count) and made some of the funniest faces ever! Hopefully when those people purchased their photos and took them back to their home states & countries, they will laugh as they remember the crazy woman & kids that sat in their car!
  • Bahama Breeze is dead to me now. We tried yet again to go to yet a different Bahama Breeze restaurant for a nice dinner. We were seated by one waitress, served drinks by another one(of which 2 ended up taking 30 minutes!), our order was taken by another waitress, and then our order came out in pieces. That's when it was discovered that my order of a half size portion of Jerk Chicken Breasts had been input as Jerk Chicken Pasta. Yeah.... that wasn't going to work, so they took that back and suddenly a plate of the right entree appeared smothered in a greyish brown sauce. It tasted like Jamaican Jerk Chicken sauce, so I ate it. We hardly saw the last waitress and I was surprised when yet ANOTHER waitress showed up tableside 30 minutes later with another plate of what I had ordered. This one didn't have the grey/brown sauce on it, but it looked like it had been grilled onto the chicken. That made me wonder about the chicken I just ate. I didn't have to wonder long as I spent the rest of the night and all the next day in pain and agony

More Things From Orlando.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


The family and I have been in the Orlando/Kissimmee area and I got one thing to say...

Tour groups suck ass.

Today we were ride blocked at every turn. First we went to Hollywood Studios to hit up a few things that we missed the last time we had been there and OMG! There were at least 10 different foreign tour groups in the park with no less than 75 people in each one! They crowded into every place, rudely pushing other folks out of the way, paying no attention to posted rules and lines, and holy crap did they smell. Like, we're talking not showered for a month, ran 10 marathons in a row, and rolled in dog crap smell.


I was done with HS when we tried to get lunch at one of the quick serve places and after ordering, found out a tour group had made a bulk order and we waited for 20 minutes while the kitchen was swamped! Ridiculous.

After that we packed up and headed to EPCOT. Yup. The smelly tour groups were there too. We just couldn't win I tell ya. So we rode 2 rides and left before a big super cell let loose. Yeah... none of those tour groups had umbrellas. HA!

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that folks want to come to Florida and hit up the theme parks, but dammit man, split up! Don't take 50+ people through Star Tours at once, and if you do, fast pass that fucker!

OK rant over.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Our Own.

The kids & I went to Epcot today. We were on our own, without HHH because yet again his company has interfered with our PLANNED vacation that he put in for over a month and a half ago! Here's the kids with the Candy Lady in Japan.

And here they are on one of the concourse bridges. You can see behind them where EPCOT is getting things ready for the Flower show in March. I love the butterfly patterns they were making! So pretty!

I finally found my Disney hat I had been looking for! It was a chef's toque with Remey from Ratatouille. I saw one last time we were there and couldn't find it even though we looked all over AND called the number for merchandise distribution. It was in France. Go figure eh?
Here's the girls in front of a fountain in Italy!

And lastly, here they are with the famous candy lady in Japan. Love watching this woman make candy, I just wish she'd sell it to us. She donates it to a children's hospital though, so that's just as nice.

OK folks, I'm tired. More fun coming tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and you know what that means..... There's a shitload of half price chocolate & wilting flowers out there! No but really... I pulled the old "Reverse Valentine" play last night. I had a plan. I got all prettied up at about noon, then made sure to give HHH lots of hugs and kisses as he flew by me while he was working, then when he came home I told him to shower and change so I could take him out to dinner! (I had already made Italian pork chops & potatoes for the kids!) I had a $25 gift card to Chili's so off we went. Of course there was a wait, but I had HHH go up to the bar and start getting 2 for 1 beers. Then we got sat for a nice dinner. I bought HHH more beer and a steak! Then, after he was through, I took him out to get some chocolates, and back hone for some of his favorite "candy" ;-)

I didn't ask for flowers or jewelry, or candy. I didn't ask a big fancy dinner or to go to some Valentine event. I am so thankful to be married to a man who truly understands me and has stuck through all my ups and downs. A nice meal with the man I love is all I really need for Valentine's Day.

I love you baby! More than anything, I love you. I am so glad that every day you show me how much you love me in return.

PS- I win at Wife Olympics!!! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Slobs & Jerks

You see that crap above? That's what we live with down here. Slobs who can't be bothered with putting their garbage actually IN the dumpster so it gets destroyed by local wildlife, and then I have to step over, around, and most times through it to get my garbage in the dumpster since I don't want to be an inconsiderate asshole like they are. Even my kids know to throw the garbage IN the dumpster. It isn't hard. There is a nice walkway that HHH and the other maintenance man keep clear so you don't have to open the oversized, clumsy doors in the front. It's easy peasy lemon squeezy and only takes a moment. Unfortunately, many of my neighbors are lazy fucks who can't do that. That's just fine. No problem. Hope my nasty ass neighbors don't mind me going through their garbage bags to get an incriminating piece of mail, photographing it, and emailing said photo to the office so that they can add a $50 charge to the offenders monthly rent allotment. Yes I am that crazy lady going through the garbage, but I'm tired of walking over poopy diapers & rotten food waste, I have a huge supply of sanitizer, and I'm pissed!

Next up will be the dog poop leavers. When my kids walk Gobo, they know to pick up his poop. I got them in the habit of tying the readily available poop bags on the retractable leashes handle so there is always one ready, and they clean up after our dog every time. The people in this condo community however, don't really do that. My newest foe is a woman in our building that has an English Bulldog. She doesn't even put it on a leash, just opens the door and lets it amble down to the patch of grass to take its dump and in no way even attempts to clean up after her pet. Apparently since she lives on the second floor, it's too much trouble for her to go downstairs with her dog to pick up his refuse and put in the doggy waste bins that cover the property! Lazy ass bitch. I almost stepped in her dogs shit yesterday morning and if I had, I would have cleaned off my shoe with paper towels, put said towels in a paper bag, dropped it on her doorstep, and lit it on fire! If it was someone who was handicapped or had issues I could understand, but this lady is young and able. She's just a lazy hoe.

So anyway good readers, as you read this on Valentine's Day, remember that you don't have to just show appreciation to your signifigant other. Show your neighbors some admiration and respect as well in the form of decent, neighborly behavior! It will go a long way towards not having flaming bags of shit and garbage left on your doorsteps.

The crazy lady, aka- Blonde

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I think you might remember that I won a prize from one of the Twitter parties I attended a week it so ago. It was the Cuisinart Soup Maker/Blender I had been salivating over it ever since it came out. I mean, who wouldn't love a blender that mixes and puree's your stuff then actually COOKS it? Awesome! Well, it came last Friday, (while I was in the shower I might add. Thanks UPS.) And when I unpacked it from its box, I saw that not only did @INdairy pack the blender, but also an Organic fiber hit mitt, and stainless steel measuring cups and spoons with a leveler! Heaven! So now I'm going to go shopping for the makings for tomato soup when I get the chance and I'm gonna cook me some soup in a blender!! Whoop whoop!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Favorite Photos

I love this picture. That's Eldest with HHH when we dined at T-Rex in Downtown Disney. It just all kinds of awesomesauce! I love our family!! Can't wait till next weekend when we go back. I'm still bummed about HHH not being able to go with us. He will have to stay here and work till Friday. But the kids and I are leaving Wednesday night because our condo is non refundable. I'll go back for HHH on Friday after he's off work. I'm just worried I won't sleep well without him snoring next to me at night. So, if there are any Orlando peeps who want to grab a drink Thursday night.... Let me know!

Yay Disney!!


Saturdays are awesome. No school for the kids, no waking up early, time to make waffles instead of cereal on the run..... However, this Saturday is not as win. HHH has had the CEO of his company here and also the new Operations Manager and they have done nothing but bitch. This doesn't look right. That isn't fixed. This is sub par. They went on and on. Ya know what they didn't address during that bitch fest? The fact that HHH and his manager have virtually NO MONEY IN THEIR BUDGET!! No money to fix stuff. No money for improvements. Nothing. Their budget that was handed down from corporate barely covers operational costs for this place. Maybe if the property had been built in the 2000's the budget would cover stuff, but this place was built in 1983. It's almost 30 years old for Crispies sake!! You can't just expect to slap on a coat of paint and cover up 30 years of wear and tear. It ain't gonna happen.

So anywhoo, Since that occurred, HHH has had to work this Saturday. He is also going to have to work till Friday next week even though we already have plans to return to Disney and he already got his time off approved. Sigh... Their lack of funding has put this place in the ground, how the hell do they expect my husband to fix it all in one year with no money?

It's ridiculous!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Walk This Way....

Today was the walk a thon at Juniors school.

Here is my artsy schmartzy photo of the Gatorade table.

They had lots of water and gatorade for the kids!

Every time the kids made it a lap, they got their cards signed by a volunteer. Junior did 18 laps! (I ran 14 of them with him, stopping only to take photos.)

I have no idea why they called it a walk a thon, because the kids RAN! They were trying to get maximum lappage for their sponsors! Junior and I ran/jogged mostly. I think I impressed several of the volunteers by moving out with the kids. Junior was happy to run with his mom.

If you sponsored Junior for his walk a thon, I want to say thank you again. His pledges amounted to $200, which was one of the highest in his class. He's pretty excited! I am too! So expect a card in the mail from the organizers with info on how to send in your pledge! Thanks again!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Total Winning Weekend!

As you guys probably guessed, we took the kids for a whirlwind trip to Disney this past weekend. They thought they were going to visit their grandpa, but we pretended to get lost and that we had to turn around in the Disney property, blah, blah, blah.... then as we pulled up to the resort entrance they finally got it and were so excited.
We stayed on property for this first trip at the Port Orleans Resort Riverside. It was really nice! Having a large property to explore was great for the kids. We actually felt safe enough to let them check things out alone while we unpacked. The room was great! Big enough for the 5 of us, but still cozy. The bathroom was the best part! Stone flooring tile with two separate sinks and a privacy curtain for changing clothes. Since we checked in late in the afternoon, we decided to just catch the ferry to Downtown Disney for dinner. Yes, I said catch the ferry. The kids were amazed that there were boats that would take you to Downtown Disney! We ate at the Earl of Sandwich then shopped for a bit before riding the ferries back to our resort to get a great night's sleep to prepare for the next day's fun! I was already riding on cloud nine because I had received an email earlier that I had won the new Cuisinart Soup Maker & Blender from Mom It Forward & the American Dairy Association! (I had participated in one of their Twitter Parties the week before!) I mean, what's not to love? It's a blender.... THAT MAKES SOUP!!!!! I had been salivating after it ever since I saw the first commercials for it!
We spent a whole day at the Magic Kingdom first. We started on one side at Tomorrowland and made our way around the park. Most folks weren't too rude with the exception of many of the foreign tourists. All I have to say is, just because you're on vacation is no reason to be rude.... EVER! (And that goes for EVERYONE!)What's funny is, I'd hear some of them speaking English at one point, but when they were rude by cutting lines, stopping short and blocking walking paths, or generally running into you because they were being rude, suddenly they don't speak English anymore! Yeah right.... whatever! And it didn't matter where they were from. Just rude rude rude rude rude! We tried not to let it bother us, but I made sure to say "excuse me" whenever I may have bumped or offended someone. It was more than I got from other people!

And that's all for this post. I'll get into days 2 & 3 next!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Last Day!

Tomorrow I will recap a few things we encountered during our trip.... some great, and some really irritating! Can't wait!

Friday, February 3, 2012






Yes, we surprised the kids by going to Disney this weekend. We said we took a wrong turn into the Disney property and that we were looking for a place to turn around. Then we pulled into the Port Orleans Resort, then up to the River Side section and then they were so excited it was hilarious! So we are checked into a nice room, and we caught the water taxi to Downtown Disney so we could eat at Earl of Sandwich(Love you Dave!) and shop at the stores! I FINALLY got a Dr. Doofenshmirtz t-shirt!! So. Excited. I'm going to wear it tomorrow! Some of the staff couldn't believe that Dr. Doofenshmirtz actually follows me on Twitter! I showed them the tweet of me winning my last #INATOR Friday!
So many memories to make tomorrow..... I'm going to bed now to rest up for them!