Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot!!!

Do you see the grapefruit size of my middle daughter's knee??
Also, do you see the HOLE in my daughter's lip??? Well let me tell you, I sure as hell see it! It seems my daughter had a mishap in Gym today. She collided with another student while playing a game and was apparently bloodied and limping. She was sent to the clinic office where ther nurse did nothing. Didn't even call me!! She had my daughter call my phone(which OF COURSE I didn't have on me because I was at the spa today and they make us leave them off.) and all I got was a mousy voice on my voice mail saying..."Hi mommy. I fell down and got hurt at PE. Bye." When I tried to call the school back, I kept getting voice mail. I finally called and DEMANDED to talk to either the nurse or my daughter! I finally got to talk to the nurse who assured me that Morgan was OK and nothing too damaging had happened. I thanked her and said I would pick up Mo after school as usual.
I get there to pick her up and she limps out to the car. Then she shows me her lip and the size of her knee and I about LOST MY SHIT! How the hell do the injuries shown above look OK?? Especially to someone who is supposed to have medical training??? Never mind she's diabetic and blood loss can adversely affect her, but a hole in the lip AND a severely swollen knee that she is having difficulty walking on is an indicator that the nurse should have asked me to come get her and take her to the doctor.
As it is, I am writing a note to have her sit out of gym for the week so she can recover. It is ridiculous that school didn't take a more proactive approach to a child who is bloody and injured. I will be having a discussion with those folks, don't you doubt it!

How does my girl get through a year of derby with out a scratch and almost blows out her knee & slice open her lip playing dodge ball? WHAT THE FUCK?????

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Megan said...

I've told the story about the time I had to pick my son up from school early because of a BLISTER on his foot, but then when he fell and hit his head (he has a scar), they called and told me, but said he was fine.

These people. Oy. Hope she's OK.