Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hey there folks! Now that you've helped out Alabama with a quick 400+ word blog post, here's where you can help kids in my own neck of the woods!

My son, Junior, is going to be participating in a school wide walk a thon with his classmates. The school is once again having to raise money to fund their programs, projects, and buy more books. I really think, in this day and age, the fact that there is little to no money available to schools to further our children's education is a travesty. Not only do our children bring home catalogs full of poorly made junk that we are forced to buy just so they can get playground equipment and books for the library, but they also have "Family Nights" at local restaurants where we buy over priced food just so a paltry donation can be given to the school from it. At least with a Walk A Thon the kids are getting exercise!

So here's the part where I ask you guys for a small donation. Anything you can give would be more than appreciated and the best part is, you don't have to give him ANYTHING right now. The school's event is being held on Feb. 9th and the kids are drumming up donations right now by getting pledges along with donors name & address. All you have to do is leave a comment below and I will email you for your address. After the Walk a Thon has been completed and the laps have been counted, the organizers will send you a results form and you can send your money directly to the accountants responsible. The kids don't touch the $$ at all. (This may be due to a child being robbed a year or so ago.) We are asking for 1 time donations rather than a per lap donation because it's easier to count up and there are no surprises. HHH & I are going in for a Hondo. (That's $100 in layman's terms.)

So, in summery... Very cute little boy wants to do good for his school and you can help! Leave a comment so I can email you for your deets and you will be helping out a school that gets bupkis from the state & federal government. Maybe I should have gone to the Republican Debate last night and asked them WTF, huh??

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Geeky Tai-Tai said...

I'd be happy to donate!