Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tweets From Yesterday.

So we all know several sites either went dark or censored themselves to protest SOPA yesterday. I put up my post with links to stories on why SOPA doesn't make any real sense. Anywho... Since I was in a dark-over, I didn't tweet or Facebook either. I just wrote everything down here. I realize most folks probably didn't even know I wasn't online. Enjoy!

  • Tweet: Why the fuck do these idiots have to personally walk their child to the school bus? That kid has to be, like 14!
  • Tweet: Brrrrr! I know it's January and all but THIS IS FLORIDA! 40 degrees is just stupid here!
  • Tweet: Why yes, I am jumping around to "Just Dance 3" instead of Zumba. I'm doing just as much cardio & I understand the words in the music!
  • Tweet: I just thought of something... Blacking out today is gonna totally fuck up my Klout score! If that happens, where will I get my free perks from???
  • Tweet: Oh dear lord I am so sweaty! Cardio compete, and dancing to Party rock was more fun definitely!
  • Facebook Status: So many folks putting up anti-Sopa stuff on their statuses. I thought we were blacking out??
  • Facebook Status: I can't believe how many folks are cancelling their cruises because of the Italian Cruise disaster! Uh.. foreign cruise lines aren't regulated like US ones are so they get away with more crap that ends in a sinking ship! DUH!!
  • Tweet: Waiting on HHH to swing by the house so I can ride with him to the Paint store, then it's on to my walk. 4 miles... HERE I COME!
  • Facebook Status: Come on Tony, just because Paula FINALLY admitted her craptastical diet gave her Type 2 Diabetes & she is shilling for an Insulin Company rather that changing her diet & exercise routine doesn't mean you have to jump all over her shit! Well,... maybe it does!
  • Tweet: Lipton Diet Green Tea berry flavor is the bomb yo! Da Flava Bomb!!
  • Tweet: I see so many things I would love to retweet today, but alas, I am actually trying to black out my presence, therefore not retweeting.
  • Tweet: Uh.... There is a lot of folks on the internet talking about NOT being on the internet in protest. Ok then.
  • Tweet: Glad I got in my writing yesterday. @buy-her is down for the SOPA protest!
  • Tweet: Holy crap! This is a relative of one of my SRG sisters!
  • Facebook Status: Holy Fuck! Some moron didn't tell the complex that the dumpster contract was up. That company is taking the dumpsters RIGHT NOW! WTH?!? HHH is PISSED!!!
  • Tweet: People are so frickin' nasty! Went for my 4 miler & there was a ton of dog poop ON THE SIDEWALK! So fucking gross!
  • Tweet: Also, shaved 2 minutes off my walk time. 4 miles in 58 minutes! Yeah it's only 2 minutes, but I'll TAKE IT!
  • Tweet: HHH looked at his check stub this morning & saw the company forgot to pay him his $50 on call money. This company is just a nickle & dime machine! Asses!
  • Tweet: Lunch consisted of a small salad with greens, tomatoes, cheese cubes, & light vinaigrette dressing! Booya!
  • Facebook Status: FFS people! It's rain, not the apocalypse! If driving in the rain spooks you GET OFF THE ROAD! Driving 20mph under the speed limit is going to guarantee an accident!
  • Tweet: So I have to go get Eldest. then run to get Mo, then run to the violin dealer to get mo fitted to her violin, then run home.... all in the rain!
  • Tweet: Violin has been purchased! Turned out she needed a 3/4, not a 1/2! Still cost me the same money so I don't care!
  • Tweet: God Damn it! The music store forgot to put the bow in the case!! Now I gotta drive all the way back to pick it up! Grrrr!
  • Tweet: Time to play Kinect Bowling with the family!! (Or maybe just HHH & Myself!)
  • Tweet: The dog went nut fuck wacko when Mo played her violin. Too frickin funneh!!!!
  • Facebook Status: Oh dear GOD! HHH just tried to separate my left leg from my hip! During whoopee time! Getting old sucks. Needless to say, no one got off tonight
  • Tweet: Dude, hip popped out of joint during sex is a real mood killer. Just sayin'.....
  • Tweet: I hate it that I can read a totally awesome article written by an amazing writer, and yet the whole thing goes to shit when there is a syntax or grammatical error! Ugh!
  • Tweet: Suburgatory is making me almost pee my pants laughing! It also hurts my lame hip.
  • Tweet: Crap! CNN is reporting that most African produced chocolate is done using child slave labour. Now I'm gonna feel guilty every frickin' time I hit Godiva.
And that's what Went through my mind on Wednesday when the internet was dark. Hope you enjoyed the show!

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