Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things I Can't Believe!

  • That someone actually thought people would pay money to go on a cruise with Kate Gosselin from that cheesy show "Kate + 8"! Seriously! Some moron travel agency thought that crazy, overly controlling, poor excuse for a parent would actually be a draw for a cruise. For $700 dollars more, you can also sit in a room with other imbeciles and learn Kate's personal crafting projects & family style activities and games! Whoo hoo.... and don't worry about there not being enough space, as of last Wednesday the cruise wasn't even half full!
  • Pepsi Co. is having to pay 3.1 million dollars in a lawsuit brought against them for not hiring people who did not pass a criminal background check. Um... excuse me? What is wrong about that? When I worked for the green cleaning company, I did a Civil, Criminal, & Traffic background check on everyone who put in an application. If someone was going to represent the company and be sent inside homes, we had to be completely sure that they were trustworthy! I can't tell you how many people I turned down because their license was suspended or revoked when they told me it was ok or had theft charges and convictions on their record or even were illegal to work in the US! It was ridiculous! So now Pepsi Co. has "revised" their hiring screening processes so that they can provide a workplace that is as diverse and inclusive as possible. Well, I believe in second chances and all, but damn it man, I can't blame them for not wanting to give a $100,000 truck full of product to a convicted felon!
  • Haley Barbour. WHAT THE FUCK WAS HE THINKING????? Seriously?? Pardoning 200+ murderers, thieves, people who commit assault, robbery & arson, etc, etc, etc. Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK WAS HE THINKING?? Luckily at least 21 of the pardons have been blocked by a judge for the moment because they didn't give enough notice to victims that they were seeking a pardon. I gotta say it's just ridiculous!
  • Photoshop. People can tell when something is photo shopped. The latest controversy seems to be about Brittney Spears and a photo that was released showing her looking toned and slender. Only one problem with that... it totally looks shopped! Her head looks like it's floating on top of some other body! It's weird and media outlets need to quit doing it. Women have a skewed enough body image as it is. Why do we have to have obvious photo shopped celebrity photos to make it worse? Go take a look and tell me that's not some fake Linkass shit!
  • Hostess is filing for bankruptcy AGAIN! Yes, they had already filed once before but now they are having to do it yet again. Hostess, which makes Sno-Balls, Ho-Hos, & Twinkies, can't keep up because their workers are unionized and have high pension and medical benefit costs. where the competition isn't unionized and therefore doesn't have that eating away at the cash flow. Hostess is also being dented by people eating healthier. All I know is, when the nukes come and and trigger the Zombie Apocalypse, if there are no Twinkies to see the bedraggled human survivors through, we're all gonna be bone!

And that's all I got for now, but really, I'm sure there will be more unbelievable crap happening tomorrow too!

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Dave2 said...

And what about people who actually go on that stupid-ass cruise? Would you ever be able to admit it to anyone? Saying "I learned crafts with Kate Gosselin" is like saying "I have diarrhea." It's just not something you can talk about.