Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mr. Man Grows A Plant.

Junior has been growing a tomato plant since last spring. He has tended it, watered it, sprayed it for bugs, etc... He'd been babying it for several months where it looked like the damn plant was gonna die! Well, it didn't die and it really started taking off. Suddenly, the damn thing was growing like a weed. I had to start staking it and tying it up so the branches of the plant didn't break under their own weight! Now, after a huge cold snap where I tented all my plants to keep them from freezing, the tomatoes are starting to ripen! Can you tell someone is excited about it? Well, since the fruit didn't all pop out at once, Junior is going to have to keep up with his attending to the tomato plant so he can get the fruit to ripen for a few months more.

It makes my heart soar to see him actually taking care and using his video game time to raise his tomato plant.

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